OTTAWA, ON - FEB 27 & 28 2020

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The International Police Hockey Tournament was established in 1961.

The tournament is exclusive to law enforcement  members including police officers, court and corrections officers, peace officers, full time civillian and retired members (no auxiliary officers).

The International Police Hockey Tournament is a 100% not-for-profit event.  Every year police services from across Ontario bid to host the tournament.  The  bids are reviewed and the host is chosen by the IPHT committee.  The selected host then chooses the charity and operates the event under the supervision of the IPHT committee.

Between 2009 - 2020 the International Police Hockey Tournament has raised more than $377 200 for many worthy charities including the Law Enforcement Torch Run, the Special Olympics, local hospitals, children's charities and numerous other local charities.

Every year the tournament brings more than 1500 law enforcement personnel to a new host city to play hockey, enjoy camaraderie and give back to the local economy and to charity.  The two day tournament spans 12 pads of ice and more than 300 hotel rooms as all the host city has to offer is enjoyed by the men and women who serve and protect Canada and the United States.

The tournament is held annually on the last Thursday and Friday of February.

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